Recruiters are people too...No, Really, they are!

Even If They Might Seem Like, Well, "Animals" in the Job Market Zoo...

It's one thing to have your new resume and messaging portfolio. Now what do you plan to do with it? Send it to a few contacts and apply to a few job boards? OK, but that's what everyone else is doing too. Why not build in a strategic vision for your search that looks at the obstacles you need to overcome in the market and sets a plan for how to do that? Today's job market offers a diversity of approaches that allow you to create what we call "pipelines."

At ITtechExec, we've brought in a personal job search agent to help move our members past the messaging into the "launch" phase of their job search.

It starts with setting the vision for how best to use the tools we've built and then it works on building these pipelines for future career moves. And whether you like recruiters or not (everyone seems to have an opinion about them), they can play a vital first step in the building of these pipelines.

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Nevertheless, not all recruiters are right for you. It's important to know where to spend your time.

Recruiter Matching Campaign

Sometimes You Have to Bring Them Out of Hibernation

As you may know, the recruiting industry has ballooned over the past 5 years, but it is both time consuming and frustrating for job seekers to figure out the best recruiters for them to engage (geographic location no longer has much to do with it; most technical recruiters fill positions out of their state/country). Therefore, recruiter matching is becoming a useful resource.

That is why ITtechExec has partnered with a research firm to offer this solution to our clients.

Based on parameters that are specific to you and your situation, we determine which recruiters are best matched with you. We even prepare and launch a campaign to introduce you to these recruiters. Then we provide you with tools to maximize your engagement with these recruiters that builds more than just a "what can you do for me right now" conversation. It's all part of preparing and protecting our clients.

But Shouldn't They Just Come to Me?

In a perfect world, yes. But rarely does that happen on your timing. Usually they come to you when you aren't interested or they come to you with poorly matched opportunities. Or you engage in one conversation and then drop the relationship. We often don't treat recruiter networking or "pipelines" like we do peer-to-peer ones. But in today's market that can be a mistake.

Your job search agent shows you how to leverage them as one weapon in your arsenal. But then we don't stop there...

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