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How to Protect the Career You've Built So Far.

Let's face it. Making a career move in today's tech job market can be uncertain.
It penalizes you for things you often can't control...for being too "old," too experienced, too qualified, too "technical," too expensive. It might not reward you for this cert or that title. And many companies struggle with their talent retention efforts, to put it lightly.
So the question becomes, then, what is your answer to this market going to be?
95% of technical leaders, pessimists/optimists, are just hoping, mostly for a return to brighter skies. So they just keep doing what they've always done or, worse, they do nothing and limp along. Leaving all the opportunity in the tech job market to just 5%.
If you plan to stay in the tech market, it's not a question of ambition but adaptation.
It's simple. If you want to lose relevancy in the tech job market, you follow the 95% and just "hope." At ITtechExec, we do more. We help you protect what you've built so far.

“I finally had the luxury of choosing from 3 separate offers.” Dan G. (General Manager, Los Angeles)

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Adaptation is key. So whether you are an external job seeker looking for a new full-time role, a consultant going for the next contract, or an internal leader seeking promotion or just retention (during an acquisition), don't keep going at it the same old way. A portfolio-based approach understands the current market and its demands. Partner With Us ›


Does the idea of making a career move seem daunting? We secure advisors to help guide us through many things in life, our finances, our retirement, our vacations, our purchase of a home. So why not our career advancement and protection? After all, our livelihoods matter! You've worked hard, and protecting your career protects your family. Meet Us ›


The majority of projects fail for lack of a proper strategy. There's too much pressure to either do it the way it's always been done or to overreact to the trends. Even worse is this tendency to give up. So that's why we first evaluate which tools will work best for you and put together a strategy for achieving your goals. Try Us ›

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